Friday, March 27, 2009

Teaching Kids To Save

No doubt about it, our country is facing tough times. Every day seems to bring more bad news about our economy and what the future holds. As we tighten up our budgets, we can also teach our children how to become a little more frugal. 

In our house, we aren't afraid to simply say no when asked for the umpteenth time "can I have (fill in the blank)." We also look for bargains instead of buying things at full price and we love resale stores! Our daughter seems to grow about two inches every month, so bargain shopping certainly helps us stick to a budget.  Personally, I enjoy shopping at our local children's thrift store. I always seem to find an armload of the cutest clothes for no more than $40 (plus a stray Barbie). And it seems we aren't the only family who think it's pretty "cool" to be frugal.

Photo by Ken Wilcox

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